The Origins

Book Four of The Olason Chronicles

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An emotional saga of a strong Icelandic mother who never gives up on life and love, a catastrophic 1875 volcanic eruption and a son who goes on to be the strongest one of them all.

Go back in time to the beginnings of the Olason family saga. The final book of The Olason Chronicles is available now


In the harsh landscapes of Iceland in 1850, a young girl loses her mother and struggles to grow into a woman alone with only her father's help. Throughout the breathtaking 20-hour daylight summers and the bleak darkness of winters, Margret falls in love and dreams of a large family but the path to her future is rougher than she expected.

The Origins will take you back in time delighting you with endearing Icelandic heritage, visual feats for the mind and gripping you with the struggle to stay alive on a volatile island.

Experience the rich journey of a 19th century woman who proves that even the weakest people can become stronger than anything you can imagine.

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