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Historical family sagas. Be prepared to immerse yourself in rich stories of immigration, global conflict, endearing love and perseverance beyond anything you know.

1956 Love & Revolution

What would you do for your country?

Coming soon June 2023

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Sneak Preview In 1955, a group of uncommon people meet by chance. During the final year of Rákosi’s iron fist rule, Imre Nagy’s reforms are repealed, plunging Hungary back into economic ruin. A university student, a cleaner, a Hungarian …

The Origins

Book Four of The Olason Chronicles

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Sneak Preview An emotional saga of a strong Icelandic mother who never gives up on life and love, a catastrophic 1875 volcanic eruption and a son who goes on to be the strongest one of them all. Go back in time to the beginnings of the …

The Wars Between Us

Book Three of The Olason Chronicles

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Chapter Preview Buy Meet Zachary Olason, a bad boy struggling on the brink of alcoholism. During the Great Depression, Zack loses himself and spirals into nights of debauchery, riots and drunkenness. His twin brother, Adam, …

The Strong Within Us

Book Two of The Olason Chronicles

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The highly anticipated sequel to The Strong Amongst Us follows Nathan Olason and his family on an emotional journey of finding strength, love and courage in the midst of the catastrophic Great War.

Chapter Preview Buy Nathan Olason picks up the pieces of his life in 1893 and becomes a devoted father and grandfather. Together the Olason's help rebuild the town of Gimli, while Canada grows into a larger nation.  Nath …

The Strong Amongst Us

Book One of The Olason Chronicles

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On a stormy day in October 1875, a boat load of Icelandic explorers crash land on a beach paradise called Willow Point on Lake Winnipeg. Except it proves to be anything but paradise.

Chapter Preview Buy The Strong Amongst Us  follows the fictional Olason family, on an epic journey based on actual events. Against a stunning backdrop of Lake Winnipeg, young Nathan Olason scrambles to survive against all odds …


Available on audiobook! Experience The Olason Chronicles in rich sound, immersing you right into the characters lives.

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