When Life Isn't Easy

Have you ever felt like life was getting you down?

Well, guess what, so did your ancestors...

Can we find strength from our ancestors? Of course we can, but we need to immerse ourselves inside the world of our predecessors to truly understand the hardships they went through.

The settlers of Canada in 1875 went through an extreme amount of hardship in a fledgling country, building on hopes and dreams of a better life. Did they succeed? Sometimes, but often they failed, again and again. The land was untouched, the weather wicked and the government was new and inexperienced.

In the end, the settlers and explorers did succeed, of course. We have this beautiful country called Canada to prove it. But this is also called retrospect. We are looking back and saying that yes, they were successful, but when you look closely at the details, many people perished from starvation, exposure, accidents and sometimes just the long voyages to get here.

What can we learn from this?

We can learn that perseverance wins. No matter what your life has thrown at you, no matter what has brought you down, when you get back up, every single time, you will learn that to be one of the strong people still standing means you are honoring the ancestors that put you here. You are tapping into the strength from your DNA. Think about it. We all have explorers in our genes, kings, queens, even war heroes.

Just imagine what those children, the grandchildren and the great grandchildren would be like years from now. This is you right now. Be one of the soldiers still standing and prove that you can persevere against all odds, because you can, everyone can. We are all capable of such feats. 

J A Boulet - January 29, 2020

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