Publishing Mentor

Publishing Mentor/Director Services

I started out with a blank page, nothing.

Once I started writing, my talent took over. But what happened next, astonished me.

I had no clue how to publish, typeset/book format, obtain ISBNs, copyright, cover design, audiobooks and all the dizzying array of skills needed to publish. 

So I learned. And so can you.

I am here to help new writers obtain a foot in the door of self-publishing. I will train you and direct you to realize your goals of becoming a published author. If you are interested in obtaining my services as a Publishing Director or Mentor, please email me with the subject line Publishing Director and we can start with the task of publishing your first book.

Only completed manuscripts will be considered for this service. Thank you to everyone interested and I sincerely wish the best to you all.

- JA

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